Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you already do ….
Time goes by pretty fast, doesn’t it? The dusk of 2016 has settled and we look forward to the dawn of 2017 and hope we will have a great year ahead with lots of promises for everyone. January feels like just yesterday, where has the year gone? Like every year, on this day (I get old by a year and this year I turned 57), I introspect how the year has been and what I wish to do next year.

I always set personal goals for myself, the family and my work place (at present Amity School of Communication, Amity University).

2016 has been highly satisfying for one reason to me. For 35 years of my professional career, I never asked any of my friends for personal favours but I made promises to help poor families to the extent I could. These people have been an integral part of my life; my successes & failures and they made sure to keep me and my family happy by virtue of their loyalty. I always thought I have to pay them back as they struggled for their Roti, Kapda & Makan and always looked up to me.

2016 brought cheers for each one of them and I will always remain indebted to my friends who helped me in my efforts. The poor people had been deprived of some basic amenities and comforts of life and I am happy I could bring smiles on their faces by doing my bit.

For past three years we have been thinking of raising a Girl Child and giving her best education and finally we succeeded in getting her admitted in one of the best schools. Am happy that she is doing well in her studies and we take pride we have adopted her.

To work for a social cause is something which brings lot of satisfaction and pride and such issues are always on top of my agenda. I am indebted to the almighty god for sending this opportunity to us and we are happy as each one in the family had this desire to contribute.

On family front Tanushree & Abhishek (Daughter & Son-in-Law) moved from Canada to London to explore Europe on their respective assignments while Son Deepanshu continued to strengthen himself in Economics and International Affairs as a Professor and proved he is a prolific writer too. He has made deep inroads in academics and gained strength in his current assignment with Jindal University. Sadhna moved to Engender Health as Counselling Specialist and once again she proved her worth in the organisation.

The year 2016 was an amalgamation of both happy and sad memories as Chachiji, the last one in the older generation in the family left us for her heavenly abode. She struggled in the last three months of her hospitalisation as she lost her speech completely. We left no stone unturned to give her best care but couldn’t fight the destiny. May her soul rest in peace.

I continue to struggle with my diabetes, Hypertension, pain in knee joints & tail bone as a result of fractures and eyes due to Glaucoma but I have learnt how to live with all these pains. There is no point complaining because I am satisfied with all the blessings that I already have.

Professionally I find myself stronger as I took up regular teaching and happy that my mentoring to a group of students helped them grow as professionals. That is what a teacher always aspire to be. New events were brought to the institute to give hands on experience to our students.

I celebrate completing eight years in Amity University. The journey has been tough but indeed a great learning experience. I don’t know whether Amity is my last destination or another change before I call it a day. I still have eight years to take up another assignment but I go by the saying Samay Se Pehle Aur Muqadar Se zyada na mila hai aur na milga? I will wait to see what is in store for me.

Now about My Resolution-2017! One should actually avoid disclosing on resolutions because you should give time to yourself to see how firm you are in your plans. But all I desire is to be able to complete the book I have been wanting to, add more value to the institution that I head and give my best to the students who are the ultimate beneficiary to grow stronger and emerge as SMJ’s Mentees.

May I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2017! As we move on to the New Year, make resolutions and fulfil your dreams.


Sanjay M Johri