Are you happy with your life ? No ! Did you ever try to find out what can keep you happy and satisfied. Actually it’s a difficult question .We need to look at different ways of getting there.
I keep pondering over and often ask myself on my happiness level despite the fact I have faced some very tough days in my life both professionally & on health front . There was a time I was at peak of my professional life but got brakes as there were major health issues and at one point of time things went too bad. I had to bounce back & win over because I was 27 only with two kids. Had I not taken life differently I would have come to complete circle. I introspected and thought to find answers to your problems and achieve happiness and success. God has been very kind to me.
I made myself happy and satisfied because I held on my values in life. What I found true, fair and whatever I believed in , I stuck to that . The more I honored these values , the better I felt. I never thought I should avoid a particular process as it might disappoint me but I did make an attempt to see whether it works. It worked and brought happiness in me. There were failures too and everyone faces such kind of situation.
I generally do things I love and find greater happiness when there is a result. I look for purpose in every minute thing and love contributing to the well- being of all those surrounding m . Remember if you serve downtrodden , under privileged and poor ( who perhaps can’t dream big in life) and become part of their life and happiness , I can bet ,you will derive maximum happiness . It does not matter whether they reciprocate because take it as you have done your duty and derive satisfaction.
Always listen to your heart because you are the only one who knows what fills you up. Be open to change , change will happen and not necessarily it will be for good always. Have a contingency plan and get the experience.
I am reminded of Aristotle who believed “ To be happy , a person needed to live a life of virtue”. By virtue he meant showing such attributes as courage , generosity, and wisdom. “How can you achieve these virtues ? By acting out on them. Be generous to another person ,for example , by sharing your time , intellect, care or your money”, Aristotle said. It sounds simple but true .Make a list of all positives & then think of a life without these positives you had like your spouse , children , home or even a job . You are sure to derive lot of satisfaction , happiness and strengths .
I never compare myself with others in terms of position , wealth or bigger house but always think on those who do not have these things . I automatically get strength and long term happiness.
Happiness and fulfillment are within our grasp . What works best for me is all about my own personality, ideals and what I deserve. All such goody things do not come to you necessarily but this does not mean you had all the negatives in your life. I look for a balance between the two and find I had all happiness I deserved.
Let us bask in the simple pleasures .Happiness will always be around us.

3 Responses to “The happiness in Life …”

  1. Avnish

    Truly inspiring…

  2. Pooja

    True Sir! Happiness comes from within. Its a product of our own minds.

  3. Chander Mahadev

    I felt some happiness reading about your experiences . Thank you, sir

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