Think of a young boy who is barely 16 and what would have gone through his young impressionable mind if he is diagnosed with a disease “ Glaucoma” ( a medical condition in eyes with raised intra-ocular- pressure (IOP)) and he finds difficulty in both reading and distance vision .
Bereft of medical technology so to speak, and the medicines we had 35 years ago , the boy had no choice but to use an eye drop called Pilocarpine which resulted in blurred vision . Moreover, it had to be used four times a day. The eye drop, while it helped in reducing the IOP, it had the biggest disadvantage of constricted pupils rendering you non-functional for at least for 2 hours. In layman’s language – use of four times a day meant – little vision for eight to ten hours in a day.
Yes, the boy in question was none other than yours truly, who was in the first year of graduation when Glaucoma struck in 1978.
Sometimes in a a situation no one can help you, you have to help yourself. I made a schedule in a manner that I was able to get along with the life and continue my studies. I topped in Graduation in my college and stood first in my Post Graduation.
Medical Science brought many new medicines thereafter without any side effects and I gradually switched over to these and kept my Glaucoma in check all these 35 years. Today I am a walking medical history. Normally, a patient with such a condition gets operated upon, but I ensured a medical discipline – for I may forget to eat food but not my eye drops. I opted for periodic reviews and for every possible eye test to ensure that that IOP was well under control thankfully, there was no further damage to my eyes. And I am still living life with Glaucoma well under control with eye drops. Only recently, Doctors operated on the Glaucoma in one eye because of a cataract problem.
Lesson! If you discipline your life, it gives you the vision to live life, on any terms…