Nature has its own ways to strike a perfect balance between life and death on this planet. It an unending process, the natural cycle of taking birth and meeting the end which goes on and on.

While being a part of this cycle, we are well aware of the fact that one day we all will meet our ultimate. But during the course of life, we tend to keep that fear, or to say the unchallenged reality of life, at bay.

We all have many fears in lives. Some are scared of heights , some depths. Have we really wondered what is the biggest fear of a person? How many of us want to die? None, I guess.

All of us are scared of death. We spend our entire life in keeping ourselves away from death but eventually the day comes when we give in to it and it is beyond our control. But his one fear reigns supreme throughout our life.

There are questions which cannot be answered by anyone. Does God exist? Has anyone seen him? What if he never existed? What if these are all legends? What if we are parts of a legend, that will be told to our successors years from now. They might consider us as their Gods. We have a very strange phenomenon called science. Will you believe me if I say that we were never born or we will never die and it’s all science. No, you won’t. We have a blind faith in some of the things which we don’t even know ever existed. Living in limitations has been a part of our life for a long time. These limitations are the result of that eternal fear called death which stops us from doing things we are passionate about. It is the uncertainty of life which decides our course of life.

A person is confined to coffin only after death. So stop dying by the fear of death before it actually strikes. We live in a country where life in all its forms is celebrated to the hilt. How can we let our fears overshadow that joy and the urge to live the life the way we want to. We cannot impress everyone by our deeds, and even if we do so they won’t remember us. The ones who will remember us is our family. Their unconditional, pure and serene love and affection is the only thing which makes us strong but at the same time it also instills the fear of separation, fear of death.

In this temporary world where nothing is permanent, we don’t want to spend minutes thinking about what will happen if there is an apocalypse.

Our desires are countless but we don’t know if we have enough time to effectuate those desires.

Live every moment to the fullest so that even if tomorrow life comes faces to face with death…we don’t leave anything behind to regret.


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