He epitomizes perfection and so is aptly called ‘Mr Perfectionist’. He is one of the highest rated celebrities of the country. He conducted a television series “SATYAMEV JAYATE” highlighting various problems the country is confronted with. He is none other than ‘The Aamir Khan’, the man who believes in expressing his view on any issue unhesitatingly. Recently, his opinion, however, on the issue of India turning into an ‘intolerant’ nation stirred a hornets’ nest and the debate stretched a little too far when he raised doubts on the safety of his own family vis-à-vis the issue of intolerance.

India is the only country on the globe with people practising seven out of eight religious faiths known across the world. India is known to be a land where the concepts of secularism and freedom of speech, guaranteed by the Constitution, are propounded with utmost honesty. How can such a country be intolerant?

Recently, Anupam Kher gave a befitting reply, while speaking at Telegraph’s national conclave, to all those who have suddenly started finding India intolerant. He also exhorted the parties, leaders and citizens of the country to be a little ‘tolerant’ towards the present dispensation and let it complete its full term of five years working and performing peacefully with focused approach. To prove the level of intolerance in other countries as prominent as US, Kher referred to the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump who, during some of his campaign speeches, allegedly asked the countrymen to throw the persons of a particular community out of US to rid the country of terrorism.

We are a tolerant nation. The recent anti-India sloganeering on JNU campus has divided the country into ‘nationalists’ and ‘anti-nationalists’. But, actually, we Indians are far more prudent to be divided on such petty issues. The Constitution empowers us to be a free thinker in all genuineness but at the same time expects us to exercise this freedom with due caution keeping the country as supreme in our psyche.

Undeniably, the incidents like Dadri do send a wrong message but such episodes stand alone and can’t be considered as the yardstick to increasing intolerance in the country. Had we been intolerant Adnan Sami, Aatif Aslam and many more won’t have flourished and grow on this land which has accommodated them willingly. How one can forget to name Taslima Nasreen, who rejected and disgraced by her own people, has made India her abode. Even more, had we been intolerant the likes of Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan would not have thrived and survived after calling their own nation intolerant where they enjoy their celebrity status day in and day out.



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