People around the globe have different ways of living and different ways of reacting to situations. They dress differently ,eat differently, sing differently. There are a number of testimonials to establish the differences between one’s culture and behaviour.
Have you ever thought where exactly does the contrariety between Indian and western culture lies. Its pretty obvious and somehow known to all.
Western culture is often perceived by the people of this part of globe as the one which lacks cohesiveness among communities and society at large. Where people are relatively less concerned about each other and remain busy in their own life. Whereas here in India, we have a close-knit society. It speaks volumes about societal connectivity and interpersonal relations. However, sometimes, this feature of remaining connected seems stifling to many especially the upcoming generation which is evolving and undergoing a sea change in values espoused and ingrained in our rich social system since ages. These values have, undoubtedly, laid down certain rules to be followed by different sections of our society accordingly.
Now a days the advocates of equality are often found protesting the rules our society defined for the girls. However, our constitution also guarantees equality among genders and negates any bias before the law of land but at the ground level such disparities are a common phenomenon in our country.
Girls are strictly forbidden to dress up in a particular way. They are given these lessons their entire life. They are always told not to hang around away from home till late in the night. They are always taught to behave in one way or the other with different persons in their life. What is more, girls of our country become habitual of getting these free lessons every now and then in their life. Rarely, they get the discretion to pursue a life of their own dreams. Not only girls, but for the matter everyone has a ready list of dos and don’ts of life.
Why do we always have to do what we are told?
On the contrary, in west, the society is comparatively free. After completion of education, one is expected to chart out one’s own course of life without much interference of parents. Unlike India, the western social system doesn’t require one to cling on to the family against one’s wishes. There the boy is not the ‘Ghar Ka Chirag’ who is eventually be given all the decision making authorities. He is even expected to carry forward family’s legacy to the next generation and the story goes on generation after generation. On the other, safety and security are the biggest pleas on the basis of which a girl is confined to home as a home maker much against her wishes and even overlooking her capabilities to play other important roles with equal competence and ease.
If you are an american and your son wants to become a chef, you will support him no matter what. In India we have a totally different mindset. Here cooking is a taboo for men. They are perceived as the man of the house who earns for the family even if he has a keen interest in cooking. We often come across double standards in our society as well. On one hand, the boys are never encouraged to cook or go into the kitchen but on the other, people enjoy Sanjeev Kapoor’s cookery sessions on TV.
Many lives are being made and destroyed in the name of culture everyday. Despite all the shortcomings, Indian culture is revered across the globe and is regarded as one of the most prosperous cultures of the world.
We say we have freedom of speech but we cannot speak our minds freely in front of our own parents. We need to go beyond the barriers and bridge the gap between generations.


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