Sanjay Johri

A Journalist by the line of work, Sanjay M Johri possess a rich experience of over 40 years in active journalism and academics. A dedicated reporter and a strict disciplinarian, he has served India’s premier news-agencies — PTI & UNI — for 20 years. Rest 20 years of his professional life have been completely dedicated to the media academics. He has been associated with top B schools of north India, including Jaipuria Institute of Management as an Associate Professor (Mass Communication), Maharana Institute of Communication Studies as Head and currently he is holding the position of Professor- Director, Amity School of Communication, Amity University (Uttar Pradesh), Lucknow Campus.

He can be described as a widely popular figure and an inspiring leader who fills everyone’s heart with respect & admiration. Extremely talented and owner of a disciplined, creative and a down-to-earth persona, Sanjay is a role model for many. An expert of managing events & handling tough situations with ease and composure, he is a patient listener, a guiding force & mentor for his students and a friend to colleagues.

Perfection is the mantra of his life. Sanjay always strives to achieve the best for the institution, staff & students. SMJ rule book is a guide and a ready reference to help students get prepared and oriented for future challenges and sustain with grit and determination.

Sanjay has authored a book” Out in the Field” (A guide to reporters) ; few documentaries to his credit and is currently working on his another book.

“During my stay at Amity School of Communication , I had the good fortune of learning under Mr. Johri who took upon the role of not just a teacher but an extremely empathetic mentor. As a teacher he valued criticism, as an administrator he emphasised on working within the limitations but most of all as an individual he inculcated a culture of hard work and a will to fight the odds. Almost a grandfather-ly figure for some, Mr.Johri’s keen insight and plethora of experience is what is responsible for the development of the School of Communication at Amity University. The structure of the course varies, it’s the people running the course that you invest in. For as long as Mr. Johri is running the show, the students are in good hands”

Raghav Raj Kakkar

Film Actor

First of all let me congratulate you from the depth of my heart for dedicating “ thirty five years“ , to the communication industry which is known for its versatility. I would also like to congratulate you for your upcoming website which I believe will be a great source of knowledge to the students willing to get into communication industry. A teacher like you can become a parent to a kid who hardly has one of his or her own. A teacher like you can be a role model, a savior, and a friend. A teacher like you can compel a student to have a lifetime hunger for knowledge. A teacher like you can inspire values for compassion, philanthropy, hard-work, bravery, integrity, and commitment. A teacher like you can do and be anything, and often they are. Wish you good health

Rohit Sharma

Founder & CEO
Simply Natural Group

“My professional friendship with Sanjay now Prof. Sanjay M Johri has come a long way. We both were young journalists in Lucknow and had the fire to fulfill our respective yet common desires to earn milestones in our journalistic career. Sanjay through his hardwork and professional excellence accomplished all what a successful journalist could achieve. He did not stop at that and also made a special place in the world of academics. He is also now a well-known academician in the filed of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is blessed with two children who have also done exceedingly well in life and have made him proud father. All the best Sanjay and have a wonderful life ahead.”

Alok Verma

CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Newzstreet Media Group